De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Breeders "Arjan Beens" strain

"Golden Frank"
In October 2016 my brother Sammy De Backer told me that he would like to invest in my breeding loft.
After a while, and some discussion, he decide to buy something out of "Golden Future" owned by Frank Zwiers and bred by Arjan Beens. We went to Breda, en bought "Golden Frank" a son to "Frankenstein" x "Golden Future".


Son to "Narbonne Raket" x "Rood Meisje"

"Narbonne Raket"

Son to "De Raket" a.o. 6th nat. Barcelona 2006, 30th nat. Barcelona 2005 paired to full sister "Het Fenomeen" 1st nat. ZLU Bordeaux 10239p

"Rood Meisje"

Won a.o. 1st nat. Brive 7105p in 2013 & 14th nat. Albi 5949p in 2012.
Daughter to "Mr Bergerac" x "Rika" and full sister to "Olympic Miss Gijsje". Later that year, unfortunately "Rood Meisje" got lost on another race.

"Golden Future" is a halfsister to "Olympic Miss Gijsje".
This means her mother is wonder breeding hen "Rika". Father to "Golden Future" is "Dancing Moonlight". He's father to a.o. 1st nat Bergerac, 8th NPO Brive, ...

"Golden Future" is also halfsister to "Snelle Jelle", "Rood Meisje", "Marianne"

"Snelle Jelle"

"Marianne" (full sister Olympic Miss Gijsje)

is mother to "Black Suprise" 1st NPO Brive 2780p '14

"Rood Meisje"

"Jan III" (full brother Olympic Miss Gijsje)

"Golden Future" herself is mother and grandmother to differt top racing pigeons at the Frank Zwiers loft.

In the late 2015, I was looking for something extra to bring some new blood into my loft next to the breeders already at my loft. The Arjan Beens pigeons got my attention. In the begin of 2016 I contacted Gerard Jochemsen and I bought some pure Arjan Beens pigeons, 2 grandchildren from "Olympic Miss Gijsje"

"Franske" & "Fifianne" (A Jochemsen & Zn)

2 Grandchilderen from"De Jan", 1st NPO Limoges
They are bred out of "De 752" x Daughter "Olympic Miss Gijsje"

"De 752"

He's a halfbrother to "Dinie" 1st nat Perpignan 2014 and a daughter from "De Ruffec" 1st nat Ruffec. Father of "De 752" is "De Jan" 1st NPO Brive 9053p (2005)

"Daughter Olympic Miss Gijsje"

The "Olympic Miss Gijsje" strain is a golden line at the Arjan Beens loft and a.o. Olympiad pigon in 2013. "Mr Bergerac" & "Rika" were the basic breeders at the Beens loft, and you can't say it's for no reason....

The results from "Olympic Miss Gijsje":

The other hen of the "Rika" line is a.o. "Golden Future" bought by Frank Zwiers on the Arjan Beens total sale. "Rika" was paired to "Dancing Moonlight"

"Golden Future" is mother & grandmother to a.o.:

Grandmother to: (only top 30 NPO)

I'm very proud to have those grandchilderen "OMG" in my breeding loft.