De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Basic breeder hen & descendants

"Het Moederke" (Stephen & Tom Devriesere)

It was in 2010 that I got in touch with these 2 brothers. Because I was planning to move home at the end of 2010 to my current location in Hoevenen, I didn't bred youngsters for myself. We've made an arrangement that I would breed about 20 youngsters for them in 2010, and they would do the same for me in 2011, when I moved to Hoevenen.
"Het Moederke" is one of the pigeos I received in 2011 from the brothers, and she was always my 1st or 2nd pigeon from the races. As yearling bird, she won 1:10 from Agen, and then I stopped her. As 2y old it wasn't that succesfull, but I saw that 402-12 (pigeon below) was doing very well, a son of "Het Moederke". That was the reason that I moved her to the breeding loft in 2014. I can say it was a good descision, as you can see below.

Mother to:

The father of "Het moederke" is from a "Janssens x Hagens Bros." pairing. Mother is granddaughter to "De Mika", Wilfried Stiel.
Because "Het Moederke" is born in 2011, and I do believe in her, I've decided to do some inbred with her after the wonderfull result in 2016 from her son "De Carcassonne". I got a beautifull hen from this pairing, but until now (writing November 2017), She didn't lay 1 egg. This inbred "Mother x Son" gets a new chance in 2018, but I'm affraid it won't work either.

I also have an inbred son, "Inteelt 336", you'll read about him further below.

In 2017 I've decided that starting from 2018, I won't race hens anymore. My current situation as father of 2 young children and a full working schedule doesn't work well with too many pigeons. Thats's why in 2017 I had 3 young hens from "Het Moederke" paired to a grandson of "Olympic Miss Gijsje" from Arjan Beens, which I didn't race with, and kept them for apart for breeding in the future. I also paired "Het Moederke" to "Golden Frank" in the summer 2017. "Golden Frank" is a direct son to "Golden Future" of Frank Zwiers. Frank Zwiers bought "Golden Future" on the total sale of Arjan Beens.

Below you can find and overview of the current children of "Het Moederke" on my breeding loft.

"De Carcassonne" (own bred)

Afther breeding the 1st national Barcelona for Bart Verdeyen, probably the 2nd highlight in my pigeon career so far. "De Carcassonne" got his name from his last race, Carcassonne, which got instead of Narbonne that year. He arrived on 08h50 in the morning as a rocket out of the sky. 6th national and 10th international was the result. It's a very special bird, and I had a lot of fun with him. As yearling 2x 1:10 on Poitiers & Libourne. As 2y old 3 out of 3 on Limoges - Cahors - Brive, but then... as 3y old I was very sad because he got lost on St.-Vincent. Almost 1 month later he arrived.
I was worried that his career would been broken, but 3 days later he was already "round" again. That's why he got a new chance in 2016, and the results are history... 10th international Carcassonne.
It's an pigeon bred by myself, mother as above described "Het Moederke", and the father is a pure Jos Van Olmen pigeon, out of full brother "Supercrack 403" x 593-06, halfsister 1st national Montauban. Both will be discussed on the Jos Van Olmen page in my breeding loft.

"Nestbroer 402" (own bred)

This cock was added to my breeding loft in 2015. A fancier in the nabourhood bough him in 2011 as a voucher I gave in my club. He could take 2 youngsters, and 1 was a youngster (Nestbrother Carcassonne) from my best young bird 2011, so from "Het Moederke".
The man stopped pigeon sport in 2015, and still had this pigeon. Because "De Carcassonne" already had some good results up to 2015, I got the pigeon back, and put it on my breeding loft.
In 2015 I bred a hen from it which won as yearling the 8th provincial Libourne. Let's see what his breeding results will be in the future.

"Inteelt 336"

As mentioned above, "Het Moederke" had an inbred pairing in 2016 "Inbred 336" is a result. "De Carcassonne" paired to his own mother. The goal for 2018 is to make the same pairing in the summer, to breed with this product in the future.

"Het Vaal 47" - "Red Beauty" - "Blauwe Parel"

3 hens, 3 wonderfull hens.
The mother is "Het Moederke" and father is "Franske"

"Franske" is a grandson to "Olympic Miss Gijsje" from Arjan Beens.

The "Olympic Miss Gijsje" line was pure gold at the Arjan Beens loft. She was for example Olympiade bird in 2013. It's for a reason that "Mr Bergerac" & "Rika" became the basic breeders at the Arjan Beens loft...

The results of "Olympic Miss Gijsje":
"Blokje 03" - "Little Future" - "Krasje 07"

3 Late summerbred youngsters, bred for the future. They will become future breeders in my loft.
3 Children from "Het Moederke", paire to "Golden Frank" this time.

"Golden Frank" will be described in the breeding loft part "Arjan Beens strain".
It's a son from "Frankenstein" x "Golden Future"

Decendants of "Golden Future" won a.o.: