De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Breeding pigeons strain Francois Struyf - Zandvliet, BE

It's already since 2005 that I got in contact with Francois Struyf, and ever since, from time to time I buy a pigeon or voucher. Thats how in 2011, I got a pair of eggs, which later that year became kids from the 5th national Barcelona, saying... how some luck is needed. On the sale Francois had in 2012 due health issues, I bought the mother of "Lodewijk", the 5th national Barcelona. I also bought a son of "Held", 2nd international ace pigeon Pau. In 2013 I bred a couple of youngsters from "Mother Lodewijk" paired to "Son Held". This couple of youngsters was brought into my breeding loft, to keep the "Lodewijk" genes in the loft, because "Mother Lodewijk" was born in 2002.

Francois Struyf pigeons in my breeding loft:

Son & Daughter "Lodewijk" - 5th national Barcelona (2011)

From both pigeons I had some good racing birds.
For example:
Son "Held"

My trust in the line "Held" is big.
An old hen wins 3 out of 3 and 2x 1:10 of Agen/Bordeaux. My yearlings in 2015 which were 1st and 2nd of Narbonne were also grandchildren to "Held". The won 10th & 46th provincial Narbonne 375p. The 10th provincial also won her price on Bordeaux yearlings. For these reasons, "Donkere Held" has some descendants on the breeding loft.