De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Breeders strain Piet de Vogel - Oude-Tonge, NL

I know Piet de Vogel for years now, especially from his good results, his breeding center and the auction site I got in contact with him in 2013 because I was looking of a new line in my breeding loft after a good elimination. So it had to be a fancier which races a further distance then I do, a good one, so it became Piet de Vogel (Oude-Tonge, NL). I followed his results via Facebook and I bought different vouchers to get in touch with Piet.

After those voucher, I also bought them directly at Piet's loft, direct from all his top performers. From all those pigeons I tried to have youngsters in my breeding loft. Below you can find an overview of the actual Piet de Vogel pigeons on my breeding loft.

2 Sons "De Cahors"
11 top results on the Marathon races, a.o.:

Dochter "Thunderborst 886"
Granddaughter "National Ace '11"

Via Hans Romijn by exchange.
We exchanged a couple youngsters, and "Roma" is one of them. This one is bred of "Son National Ace '11" x "Narja" (line 1st international Narbonne) by Hans Knetsch. This dark hen was good enough to breed a good hen in her first year, the 8th provincial Libourne in 2016.

At the end of 2014 Piet decided to sell a big part of his breeding loft, and to continue with a younger breeding team. Some top performers were moved from racing to breeding loft in 2015. On Pau 2015, which was a bad race, Piet also lost some top performers. Neobeer was lost, and also some other good promising birds.

Even with that loss, 2015 was a good year, but 2016 was even better!
Check the results from 2016!

In the October 2016 auction on toppigeons, my brother Sammy De Backer suggested to invest in my breeding loft, and so we bought"Ace" & "Floor", 2 children of the best ace pigeon ZLU in the last 5 years... "De Cahors"