De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Breeding pigeons strain Jos Van Olmen - Broechem, BE

For the Jos Van Olmen strain, I was looking for the 2 basic pigeons in his loft, "Den Ezel" and especially "De 561". Both were full brothers, won TOP results, and did race kilometers like it was a piece of cake.

Results "De 561":

Results "Den Ezel":
THE TOP RACER until 2013 in the Jos Van Olmen loft was 403-07, also known as "De Cahors" or "Supercrack 403". He was son of "de 561", and 403 won 3x 1st provincial, 2x on Cahors & 1x on Pau. He also wons 2nd provincial Perpignan and some other good prices. Begin 2013, 403-07 got injured on a training before season. Thats why Jos put him in the breeding loft.

To give you an idea whats on my breeding loft in Hoevenen from Jos Van Olmen... some examples.

3 Daughters "Supercrack 403"
2 Sons "Supercrack 403"
Daughter 784-09
Daughter 637-05 "Barcelonaman"
Daughter "150-10" 150-10 is bred from "Nestsister Supercrack", 404-07. She's also mother to 549-11, 4th international ace pigeon long distance 2012!

Full sister "572-11"

Son & Daughter "De Pau"

2 Daughters "151-12"

151-12 is son to "Bijter"

The 2 daughters are on the mother side grandchildren to 404-07, nestsister "Supercrack 403". 404 is also mother to 572-11, 1st international ace pigeon long distance YL PIPA Ranking.

Daughter "123-12"

Daughter to a very good racing pigeon, "123-12", results as follow:

Mother to daughter 123-12 is a grandchild "De 025", father of 572-11, 1st international ace pigeon long distance YL Pipa ranking and brother to "Supercrack 403".

2 Daughters "734-14"

"734-14" wins following results:

He's from the good bloodlines as you can see.
Bred from a granddaughter "De 561" paired to a daughter of "Liza from Stan & Ronny Denisse. "Liza" is mother to "572-11", 1st international ace pigeon long distance YL PIPA ranking.

Children "Liza" won a.o.:

Full brother 549-11, son 404-07

New on the breeding loft is a son of 404-07 "Nestzus Supercrack"
She's the nest sister of 403-07 with 3x 1st provincial & 1x 2nd provincial.
404-07 herself is mother to 549-11, 4th international ace pigeon yearlings PIPA ranking in 2012. In his short career (got lost in 2015), he won following top results:

He became 4th international ace pigeon with following results (572-11 was 1st ace)