De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Results 2011

2011 was my first year in Hoevenen after the move from Berendrecht I bred about 80 youngsters for myself, and 25 early youngsters were added from the Devriesere Bros. from Kortrijk, added by 20pc from their yearlings and 14pc from Jurgen Mailfait, Jabbeke.

People who followed my journal have seen that a lot of my youngsters were lost in a midweek race from 108km, Quievrain. 26/52 youngsters got lost on day 1, only a few returned. The reason we will never exactly know, but I think a Dutch release in Duffel was one of the main reasons, almost exactly the time when our birds crossed Duffel.

After soms setbacks, I could have a small team youngsters for racing, and unlikely than in Berendrecht, the results with the youngsters were ok, although it's not the main goal

After a bad middle long distance race, I've decided to give my cocks a bit of rest, and continued racing the hens.

After a while, I raced on Bourges national. Most of the cocks stayed at home, but 22 pigeons including 4 cocks went to Bourges. 6-23-25-28-32-45-46 (179p) and 7/20. 2012 will be the year with 22 yearlings cocks and 12 yearling hens on the racing loft.