De Backer Koen

Long distance racing pigeons in Hoevenen-Antwerp

Results 2016

Season is over, last race was Perpignen, with mixed feelings. 1 cock was in time, the hens wer late. For some reason, my hens didn't get on track this year, lets hope next year will be better. Let's remember that I started with total widowhood, and on June 4th everything got paired for the nest game. It didn't brought what I expected, and especially the weekend Agen/Montelimar was bad. After Libourne everything was split again, and back on widowhood to race Brive - Narbonne - Perpignan. The cocks started to fly better at home and a superb Narbonne (Carcassonne) was the result with a 10th international. The hens were not good enough, let's hope for 2017.

Things to think about in the 2016 winter. As I see it now, 2017 will be total widowhood again. The youngsters did race 6 to 9 times with the club, at least 4x 218km (Noyon). Not many youngsters were lost, and because I want them to get a correct chance, lot of them will be yearlings, a bit more than I expected.

The old ones had their elimination yet. 15 old ones will stay, 8 Cocks and 7 hens. 1 pigeon will move to the breeding loft, "De Carcassonne" 10th international Carcassonne (Narbonne). He's from the year 2012 and did have some good results earlyer.

My results of 2016, above 700km:

14/05/2016 Vierzon 486km 1533p Old: - (0/6)
21/05/2016 Blois 470km 1218p Old: - (0/1)
21/05/2016 Blois 470km 1529p YL: 206-286-403-495 (4/8)
21/05/2016 Chalon 503km 1252p Old: 233 (1/3)
28/05/2016 Limoges 680km 989p Old: - (0/2)
28/05/2016 Bourges 490km 2511p Old: - (0/2)
28/05/2016 Bourges 490km 2975p YL: 426-909-973-989 (4/6)
04/06/2016 Valence 709km 818p Old: 27-254 (2/3)
10/06/2016 Chateauroux 536km 2644p Old: 754-788-811 (3/7)
10/06/2016 Chateauroux 536km 4125p YL: 585-840-873-1318 (4/11)
24/06/2016 Agen 840km 422p Old, 90 (1/4)
24/06/2016 Agen 840km 411p YL, (0/6)
25/06/2016 Montelimar 756km 467p Old, (0/2)
25/06/2016 Montelimar 756km 253p YL, (0/2)
01/07/2016 Barcelona 1113km 943p Old, 164 (1/3)
02/07/2016 Libourne 786km 403p YL, 8-131 (2/5)
22/07/2016 Narbonne/Carcasonne 913km 456p Old, 3-29-30 (3/5)
22/07/2016 Narbonne/Carcasonne 913km 288p YL, (0/1)
23/07/2016 Brive 715km 611p YL, 86-119-176-195 (4/9)
29/07/2016 Perpignan 966km 506p Old, 14 (1/6)